We offer a range of top rail shapes, post and baluster sizes. We can also do decorative motifs, as illustrated. Any combination of these options can be selected to suit the architectural styling of the project, or purely just to suit the individual preferences of the designer. Careful consideration to detail is well rewarded in the finish.

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All handrails are interchangeable. Refer below for design options.

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Eclipse20Balustrades20Brochure_page2_image19 Handrails

VRT Capping Options

Arena20Balustrades20Brochure_page2_image8.1 Handrails

ARC Capping Options

Arena20Balustrades0Brochure_page2_image7 Handrails

ART Capping Options

VRR-e1416162858103 Handrails

VRR Capping Options

45mm Handrails

45mm Tube Capping Options

VRE Handrails

VRE Capping Options